This website serves as a platform for historical research relating to the practice of anthropometry in late 19th-Century Britain. Our research is focused around the Cambridge Philosophical Society archive, and seeks to place the society’s anthropometric work in context.


Researchers and Contributors:

Katharine Griffiths

Postgraduate researcher and research assistant: history of science and medicine in Early Modern Europe

Stephen Courtney

Postdoctoral researcher and research assistant: history of science and technology in Modern Britain, Europe, and America


‘Weighty Matters’

This research┬ádeveloped in association with the ‘Weighty Matters’ project conducted at Oxford University under the direction of Professor Deborah Oxley, All Souls. The project aims to identify correlations between biometric and social categories in 19th-century Britain.


Cambridge Philosophical Society Bi-Centennial

The Society’s 200-year history is the subject of a forthcoming book by Doctor Susannah Gibson. The book is scheduled for publication in late 2017.